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Our Story

We are Patrick & Dawn Lombard, and we are All About Marriage!

Commissioned & Committed to helping couples we share our personal story of saying, “I Do”, “I Don’t Anymore”, to “Thy Will Be Done”, coupled with relationship education for practical application. 


Throughout our premarital & marriage courses, couples are taken into a deep dive of relationship skills & intimate details of our experiences in wedding elope, multiple miscarriages, several separations, divorce papers, and reconciliation.

Married 33 years | Parents of 2 adult children.
Candid, Authentic, and Transparent

Pastors |Teachers | Speakers | Relationship Counselors for over 20 years.

Marriage Pastors at Oasis Church LA.

Founders of All About Marriage, a relationship development non-profit organization based on biblical principles.

Creators of Marriage Intelligence curriculums:

Understanding Marriage • The Intimate Marriage • The Decisive Marriage • Mind Your Marriage • Marriage Habits • Connected Hearts • Can You Hear Me? • SoulMate SoulCare • Marriage Wellness

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